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The Catch & Release Estate Sales Process -

Catch & Release is an established local brand with an existing following and base of design and home goods shoppers visiting  our online store. Furniture and home goods pieces will benefit from being available for sale for a significant period of time prior to client sale date, increasing chances of selling at a higher price. 

Catch & Release manages everything from photographing inventory, picking up and delivering pieces that sell prior to the sale, utilizing national and regional outlets to sell items that are less likely to sell or move locally and marketing and hosting an estate sale at the end. Catch & Release’s exposure is far more significant than a self-managed client salesale. In addition to reaching our existing followers and the exposure of bigger ticket items on our website, we engage local and regional multi-media marketing and advertising to promote your sale. 

Successful Estate Sales 

The first step you can take in realizing a successful estate sale is to reach out!   

More time =  more money. While we can work within shorter timelines, 4-6 weeks of preparation is ideal.  Because we use other channels, your sale starts as soon as you engage our services. The sooner we know, the better prepared we can be to launch your sale and liquidate belongings.

Estate Sales Step-by-Step

  1. Signed contract and deposit (50% of this deposit will be refunded upon completion of onsite estate sale)
  2. Inventory – our team comes to your property to inventory and catalog items for sale. We photograph and measure pieces to be listed on
  3. Catch & Release will provide a spreadsheet of inventory to be sold and confirm pricing with seller (desired sale price and minimum sale price)
  4. Once the pricing document is agreed upon and signed, Catch & Release will begin the sale process utilizing and other outlets for exposure.
  5. Social media and electronic promotion of sales commence 
  6. Print advertising to publish two weeks before physical sale 
  7. Tagging and staging prep for sale
  8. Host Onsite estate sale

Additional Services (for additional fees):

  • Appraisals - Catch & Release can contract and coordinate professional appraisals of items 
  • Contract relocation management and professional organizing pre-sale
  • Removal of unsold items from the property post-sale
  • Photo inventory without sale contract for personal use, pre-move documentation, insurance purposes, etc.


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