To The Trade

Catch & Release is committed to providing valuable solutions that complement and enhance the work of our local designers. We understand the intricacies of getting products to our valley and we strive to be a resource for you, not competition. 

We offer a variety of professional resources tailored to meet the needs of our local trade members. Approved trade accounts can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Starting discount of 15% off all purchases of both in-stock and special orders
  • Exclusive to-the-trade furniture rentals to bridge the gap for clients while they await their custom pieces or to add another layer to your photo shoots
  • While we have discontinued our consignment program with the general public, we are excited to provide consignment services to people in the trade -with a detailed contract in place, we ensure a smooth and transparent consignment process
  • Expedited delivery, when necessary
  • Pre-inspected in-stock pieces…no more finding out your furniture is damaged when it arrives to your project.

As a long time local business, we want to hear from you about what you’d like us to procure to have on hand to meet your needs. We want to be a collaborative partner to our local businesses and will work hard to be the best resource we can be to you.

Get in touch! Email us at, and we'll help get you started.